High-value packagings for high-value products! This seems to be a matter of course only at first glance. Too often, packagings are not more than a convenient accessory. And product protection continues to be a distressing task with questionable quality.

The chances arising from protecting systems for companies stay idle this way.


With cocoon, Holger Sehr and Patrick Biesinger not only put up a start-up company.

In fact, they stand for an innovative philosophy how high-value products should be protected and presented: the Packaging Engineering.

This idea is the source for our vision and our competences.

Unsere Kompetenzen in der Verpackungsentwicklung


 "We are the most reliable partner for our customers!
For this, we realise the best protection systems and the safest transport solutions."

To live a vision is important, however  with this alone, the product is not yet packed, protected or presented. How does a vision become an order? And how do we generate the performance of this responsibility?

An idea becomes a product...

Protecting what is valuable

Packagings for the high-value products of our partners must always fulfill the highest requirements for product protection.

We achieve this high quality with a construction from our engineers, who combine all requirements of our Packaging Engineering already in the planning.

Protection systems with the features of cocoon enable a safe transport and a permanently reliable use of your products, even under the toughest conditions.

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Konstruktionszeichnung cocoon Cook S4 Lens Case
cocoon Lens Case und dessen Alternative

Stage what is outstanding

With our passion for protecting systems, we want to develop solutions which are an experience. For you and your customers!

Like this, we create new and valuable instruments for our partners, with which they can increase the satisfaction of their customers and improve the presentation of their company.

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Keep what is fading

Sustainable production means sustainable development.

High-value packagings always seem to mean implementing extensive ressources. However, with a material input which conserves ressources, and production processes which are planed and controlled intelligently, we efficiently reduce the pollution of our environment with our protecting systems.

These eco-intelligent measurements appear already in the projection and development of our products.

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What does a butterfly has to do with protection systems?
We'll tell you...

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