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Projcting in the packaging engineering by cocoon

Our goal:
rapid developments, increased efficiency, less costs.

We guarantee you a fast processing time of your products, so that it takes only few days from your enquiry to a first draft.

Then, you do not only get your products back, but you also receive first drafts which we can discuss, adapt or finalize together with you- completely in accordance with our Packaging Engineering.

Here is how your products reach us without unnecessary loss of time or additional costs:


You can directly send us your products.

With modern 3D scans, we determine dimensions and protection requirements. And on the same day, we will send the product back to you.


You have your data and specifications available already?

So you can transmit your CAD drawings, 2D models or detailed product images very easily and, above all, quickly.

Packaging by cocoon

As soon as the data are available, our engineers will develop first drafts for the construction of your protection systems and packagings within few days.

Together with our partners, these drafts will then be adapted and designed according to individual requests.

With that, our constructions ensure the requests to product protection, packaging experience and ecological intelligence at an early stage.


Reaktionszeiten im Netzwerk von cocoon


With project-oriented structures and a close communication in our network, fast response times can be realised.

Like this, our partners can dispose of the packagings early and can also apply them.

Effizientsteigerung der Verpackungsplanung


With a prompt construction of first drafts, we unveil covered potential of our partners again.

A rapid realization in this early stage of the project reduces costs and increases the effciency of all persons involved throughout the whole process.

Individualisierungsvorteil in der Verpackungsentwicklung


Our protections systems are developed individually for each product, even at a very early stage of a project.

With that, we focus on both precise protection features and design requirements from the beginning.

Planungssicherheit in der Verpackungsentwicklung


From the beginning, cocoon takes over planning, consultation and coordinated realization of all project stages.

With our experience in projecting, we ensure for our partners that development and realization in the whole process chain take place in the best possible quality.

Qualitätssicherheit durch cocoon


Because of the project-oriented development by cocoon, we can slip our philosophy of Packaging Engineering into all processes already in the planning phase. With that, our partners receive safe and elegant packaging systems which allow a lead in the perception of the customer.

Optimized project runtimes are a valuable requirement for our partners. However, with this alone, there product is not protected yet...


Optimized project durations are a valuable prerequisite for our customers.
But it doesn't protect your products...

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