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MATERIALS AND PRODUCTION in the Packaging Engineering

Exceptional materials and modern production procedures -
because processing decides!



A construction is always only as good as its realization. To guarantee the high quality of our developments also in the production, we do not only bet on selected material, but we also refer to modern production procedures.

The choice is already made in the construction and allows like this a coordinated planning between development, production and sales.

Falltest für Lens Case

Example of an optimized drop test with varied retry
(estimation with Na36)





We use specialty foams for the realization of our constructions. With their special features - like bulk density, compession hardness or electrical conductivity - we can realize drop-test optimized constructions.Inlays for Lens Cases or Cine Cases are fitted into break-proof cases. They protect the products from dirt and moisture.


With an appropriate combination of different foams and case materials, we always achieve an appealing look.

Like this, you can increase your customers' perception of the products and so the presentation of your whole company even more.

cocoon Cine Case mit Peli Koffer
cocoon Lens Case with Aluminum


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In order to achieve the best possible realization of our constructions, we combine the choice of materials with modern production methods.

As a system supplier, reliable and proven production procedures are available to us. Furthermore, we have access to modern and innovative production technologies in our network.

3-D drillings, water-jet cuts or laserings, we realize our constructions and establish new possibilities in the design of our protections systems.

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