cocoon...? What means that?

Made by cocoon

Learn from those who always have developed the best solutions!

cocoon - that stands for high-value Packaging Engineering. This means that we do not only take your order to protect your products, but also always take a great responsibility.

An important task...what is more obvious than a view into nature?

cocoons - masterpieces of nature

Small and unimposing. Only at second glance you can recognize which outstanding performance lies behind the million-year old idea of a cocoon.

As these packagings of nature are

› customized and individual

› robust but flexible

› perfectly protecting against all impacts from outside

And as this protection works so well and has been adapting itself again and again, it has been used for the most sensitive and important thing that nature produces:
the next generation.


cocoon's systems - masterpieces of technology

Not only just imitate the perfection of nature, but developing it - this is our task.

As a result, our protecting systems are

› constructed individually

› pointing the way when it comes to design

› environmentally responsible planned and implemented.

This is Packaging Engineering by cocoon. With this philosophy, we develop solutions which can even outperform their role model from the environment.

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